Mariann Primus

Mariann Primus has been a teacher of students with Autism Disorder and Related disabilities for over 10 years.  In addition, she has been an ESE Teacher for students with severe intellectual disabilities. She hold a B.S. from University of Central Florida in Special Education and Teaching. She is licensed in ESE K-12 Mentally Handicapped. (currently renamed VE)

Ivy Gardner

Over my 20 years as a small business owner and over 10 years as a high-level corporate manager, she has acquired a remarkable skillset in just about every aspect of personal and business development. Between developing websites and designing tailored personal and business services, she loves providing the right solutions for the right challenge.  Ivy was an educator and coach at her high school alma mater, Sidwell Friends.  Once upon a time, she was an All-American basketball player.  She is a true Apple fan girl. Love is simultaneously her motivation and my end goal.