Sales and Marketing

Robert Hedgpeth, Sales & Marketing

Robert Hedgpeth is an experienced sales and marketing professional whose hands on customer relationship management skills have been tested in high-pressure environments. This, combined with an exceptionally high level of technical abilities, make Hedgpeth an asset to any team. He is able to translate new, complicated technologies into everyday terms. Hedgpeth’s ability to communicate how new and upgraded software technology can solve issues for companies makes him an excellent liaison between management and IT departments. These are the major strengths Hedgpeth brings to Covenant Business Solutions as a Sales and Marketing representative.

In past professional positions, Hedgpeth has overseen account configuration and maintenance, remote desktop services and support, network stability and functionality and project planning and coordination. He was a former network Administrator for Franklin Templeton in Sacramento, where he worked for almost two decades. Hegpeth was educated at San Mateo College in San Francisco, California, where he obtained his Network Administration Certification in Computer Business Application.

Through his experience in cultivating relationships with clients, fellow employees and management and solving technical problems, Hedgpeth has learned to listen and act upon the client’s needs with positive results. He is a Native American with origins in the Haliwa Saponi Indian Tribe in North Carolina.